Good investments are hard to come by. Stock markets are notoriously unreliable and even though real estate is a relatively safe bet (if you know what you're doing), you'll need to invest huge amounts of your own money to get started.

With this blog I like to point out investment opportunities that won't cost your more than $1000 to begin with. Some of these will be off the beaten track and perhaps even odd at first glance. At the very least, these will help you think outside the box and hopefully help you discover some low cost investments on your own.

Obviously, I make no guarantees on profits and the amounts of profits made mentioned on this blog are only there as an example, they may be genuine past profits, or envisioned profits.

Nothing I write here can be considered as investing advice. I'm merely writing down what I'm doing and what investments I've come across in my research.

My number 1 rule: investing can cost you money, so don't invest anything you can't miss.

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