dinsdag 8 juli 2014

IM Cartel Update - Excellent News

Yesterday I posted about IM Cartel as an under $1000 investment opportunity that was almost hands off (read it here). Well, Ben Shaffer has just updated the terms and turned it into a 100% passive income opportunity. You can't not love that.

Not that you had to do all that much before; buy and review two ebooks a month. Not that much work, you don't have to read a book in depth to write a review. But still, not exactly what most investors are looking for.

Now, an important part of the effectiveness of the marketing method used in the IM Cartel is getting lots of reviews. So you may be wondering if this change will hurt your bottom line in the long run.

It won't. Ben is hiring a team of people to write the reviews. An experienced marketer will manage this team and make sure everything runs smoothly.

In my opinion, having a professional team of reviewers in place is a big bonus. I can imagine cartel members would start slacking off after half a year or so. Maybe they'd just forget (I'm pointing ten fingers at myself here). It's reassuring to know you won't get kicked out if your memory has more holes than Swiss cheese...

A FAQ for the IM Cartel can be found here.

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